What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring an ID with you to the range.


Can underage guests also practice shooting?

Yes, as long as they are 12 and above. Underage individuals must have their legal guardian’s consent. The consent form is available here: MoST parental consent Please bring with you the underage individual’s school ID.


Can residents of countries other than Poland use the range?

Yes, provided that they bring a photo ID.


What if I have never used a firearm before?

All shooting practice – regardless of experience – is supervised by an instructor who will introduce you to the rules of gun safety and shooting fundamentals, and who ensures the safety of all guests from the moment they enter the range and until the shooting is over.


Do I have to make a reservation?

You can make a reservation online or call the number provided on our website and ask about available dates.


Can I buy a gift voucher?

Of course, gift vouchers can be bought at the range or online for any amount.


Do I have to arrive some time before my reservation starts?

Yes. The formalities related to registering your arrival at the range take approx. 10 minutes.


When does shooting practice take place?

Due to the nature of the range, the firing room opens every 30 minutes, and that is also the system used for making reservations. This means that if a guest arrives late and wishes to enter after the scheduled entrance time, their visit will be shorter by the amount of time they were late. A similar system is employed by e.g. swimming pools.

Example: If you have an hour-long reservation for 5:00 and arrive at 5:15, you will have to leave the range at 6:00 regardless of when you actually entered the range.

However, if you do not have a reservation, it may be a good idea to begin at 5:30 and make full use of your time.


Do I pay for the time spent at the lane or the number of shooters at the lane?

You pay for reserving a lane for a period of time. The maximum number of shooters per lane is 3 adult individuals. It is possible to reserve the entire range or the entire building.


What does the word “tactical” in your name refer to?

The design of the building makes it possible to organise training sessions which go beyond regular sports and recreational shooting:

– 180-degree range of fire

– shooting at walls (tactical labyrinths consisting of mobile bullet traps)

– practice in limited visibility conditions and total darkness

– programmed scenarios utilising target carriers, lighting, smoke and sound effects


Why is reserving a lane at your range more expensive compared to other shooting ranges in the area?

Our facilities ensure optimal comfort of use, which raises our operating costs related to e.g. energy consumption. Ensuring perfectly clean air at our shooting bays requires ventilation with a throughput of 15,000 m3/h. In addition, the building features air conditioning and heating, which enables us to maintain a stable temperature throughout the year. Users can enjoy a minimum of 1500 lux of lighting at every section of every lane. Ensuring such comfortable conditions may result in power consumption of up to 70 kW, depending on the season. In addition, other amenities such as target carriers and video feed enable you to spend time at our range more effectively.


How much time do I need?

Everything depends on your needs and skill. The minimum time you can reserve a lane for is half an hour.


My friend and I would like to purchase a package, how much time do we need and what is the procedure at the range?

A single package is 30 minutes and covers one person. You are required to read the range rules and register your stay at the range. Before shooting, you will be instructed in gun safety and handling.


Are there any rules I need to know about when I first enter the range?

Yes. It is absolutely obligatory to read the range rules, which are available here.


Is shooting safe?

Yes. The safety of our guests is our primary concern. Our instructors have all the necessary permits and years of extensive experience.


How many shooting bays do you offer?

We offer 4 fully-automated shooting bays with cameras set up at 15 and 25 metres.


How long are the lanes?

All four lanes are 25 metres long.


What guns can I practice with?

The maximum permissible muzzle energy of bullets must not exceed 3600 J. This value corresponds to the energy of cal. .308 (7.62×51 mm) guns. For example, you can practice with virtually all pistols and revolvers, the AK-47 (7.62×39 mm), .223 (5.56×45 mm) and shotguns.


What guns do you offer?

A full list of our guns and their descriptions can be found here.


Can I take photos?

Of course! Photos and videos are both great souvenirs from a day at the range.